In our warehouse which uses the up to date technology hardware and software program, we continue to develop ourselves in order to present the best service available by making sure that our client satisfaction is at the peak level through enabling product quality and safety with full compatibility and we are operating with consiousness that “human health” really does matter.


A “Quality assurance system” has been formed that has been approved and inspected by the Ministry of Helath within the scope of fine distribution and storing guide at Kuzey Pharma along with the consiousness that we pay attention with the human health.   Until the process of supply, warehousing and delivery, this system which has been built over a strong infrastructure has been being a guide to us.
Our personell’s knowledge level is updated and kept high through the periodically implemented trainings, so that the delivery is prepared in conformity with the written rules and regulations in terms of the product necessity and the client demands.
Our product accaptance, delivery and warehousing areas are under survelliance by cameras for 24 hours and recorded.
All of our warehousing areas are being checked by the heat and moisture tracking devices and their records are kept in a computurized environment.  In the alterations that may ocur in certain rates, the cetral personell who are warned by voiced and text warnings immediately implements the required procedure.
The cold chain products are stored at 180 m2 cold air storage warehouses based on their feauters and their frig heat rates are being recorded in a computurized environment for 24 hours.
During the delivery of such goods, the packaging material that are manufactured and approved fort he transportation of the cold chain medication and the heat recording devices are being used and the cold chain good procedure is implemented neatly.
Every good that is entered into our warehouse is accepted in stocks after being checked over the medication tracking system.  The goods that are being sold are packaged after being gone through the recording in our computer system.
All of the operational process is checked by our automational system and their records are being kept.  Once the official withdrawal occurs with respect to the good, then our client is immediately informed of the situation thanks to this system of ours and then the withdrawal 
transcation gets commenced.


Pharmaceutical warehouses
Medication and the Medical Material Importers
Private and State Hospitals
Online Pharmacy Channels
International Health Organizations
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We come forward by our competitive price policy.
We create difference by our fast supply and services.
We respond to all of the buyer demands as far as the oppurtunities are concerned.
We have got an optimum performance in packaging and cargo conditions.
We 100% guarantee both during and after the delivery as a firm.